57mm Mk110 Video


“…footage of USS Detroit (LCS-7) firing its 57 mm gun in a series of tests that sank an inbound surface target and destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle on March 6 and 7, 2017. US Navy/Lockheed Martin Video”

Our weapons are tools we don’t get to use very often. lt is good to have confidence in your tools. The video is encouraging, but there is very little information here. What was the range to the targets? How big was the UAV? How fast were they moving? How many rounds were required to achieve the effect.

If anyone has specifics I would love to hear them.

3 thoughts on “57mm Mk110 Video

  1. The effective range of the 57mm is 8500 metres. Against any form of stand off attack you would have to hit the projectile/missile rather than the launch vehicle.

    • Hi Chuck,

      Having completed Combat Systems Ship Qualifications Trials (CSSQT) on-board a WMSL before and assisting with others, these tests are highly monitored and conducted in near perfect conditions. This isn’t to take away the effectiveness of our (USN/USCG) weaponry but to highlight that in real-life engagements we will NOT be under the near perfect conditions.

      The UAV/UAS normally are about that size and fly <250kts, again the conditions must align with safety and weather permitting. Stratton (WMSL 752) took one down on their CSSQT. As for the unmanned boat – same situation and normally <20kts with < Sea State 3 ( if i remember correctly).

      Again, I am not downplaying these incredible weapons but much our testing is in perfectly simulated environments This portrays great confidence to the command and deck plate level but when real situations arise are the confidence levels the same?

      Evidence, like these videos, show high-confidence for commands and governments against low, slow fliers and helicopter swarms if these continue to be a threat. But again, this is a DDG that's meant for open water and offshore engagement, not littoral warfare. . Would be interesting to see more from the WMSL and soon OPC.

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