Ship’s Motion Prediction

MarineLink reports that General Dynamics Applied Physical Sciences (GD-APS) has developed a capability to predict ship’s motion for the navy.

“…These continuously updating ship motion predictions can then be used to inform the timing of ship operations. Although maximum forecast time varies with sea condition and vessel speed, the FutureWaves system has been demonstrated to provide accurate, phase-resolved wave and ship motion forecasts to several minutes into the future.”

“The system also produces a directional power spectrum of the ocean waves, a map of where the wave energy is coming from and at what wave period. This wave spectrum data is fed to the ship motion model to produce a plot of the statistical representation of the ship motions as a function of ship heading and speed, allowing selection of ship orientation to minimize particular modes of motion. This planning tool is continuously updated from the radar-calculated directional power spectrum, and can also be fed wave spectrum forecast products to inform longer term planning.”

This could be useful to the Coast Guard in conducting boat and helicopter operations.

This system should also be capable of providing warning of rogue waves allowing the ship to turn so as to minimize the effect and alert the crew to prepare for it.

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