LCS Progress, Coast Guard Implications

USS Independence (LCS-2)

USNI reports that the Navy is pushing harder than ever on getting the LCS mission modules operational. In wartime these systems would likely be used to upgrade cutters. Some of these systems might be applicable to Coast Guard’s NSCs and OPCs, including particularly UAS and ASuW systems, even in peace time, so they bear watching.

There is an interesting note that, “…Freedom also conducted its first Coast Guard helicopter landing on the flight deck earlier this year and hopes to do more interoperability testing with the Coast Guard going forward.” This suggest the Navy is at least thinking about sending LCS to assist the Coast Guard in its drug interdiction efforts.


9 thoughts on “LCS Progress, Coast Guard Implications

  1. Navy still having trouble making the LCS deployable. Does not look like they will be helping with drug interdiction any time soon. Particularly interesting note. “Additionally, on the West Coast, where all the Independence-variant ships are homeported, the trimaran hulls require a drydock for virtually any kind of maintenance availability, and the drydocks are in short supply as the Navy faces a high workload in the coming years.”

    • The LCS program is on life support. Without the modules, LCS are short legged, fragile and expensive to operate OPVs.

      Focus has now moved on to the FFGX.

      I’m disappointed in the module decision in that they offered the possibility of being used from vessels other than LCS.

      They’ve been under development for years though and one senses Congress has had enough.

      That the Navy is not protesting these decisions speaks volumes.

      • The anti-surface mission module is pretty well finished since the addition of the Longbow Hellfire Vertical Launch System and the Naval Strike Missile.

        They have to finish the mine countermeasures mission module because the existing USN MCM ships are on their last legs.

        Suspect the ASW mission module will be the last completed and it is mostly a problem of getting the weight down to where they can be used on the weight sensitive LCSs. Its going to happen ultimately.

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