2 thoughts on “At Last–A New Sight for the .50 Caliber

  1. Waste of time and money. If accuracy is wanted, then keep it on a weighted tripod and shoot it single fire mode. Accuracy is not a word used on shipboard mounted machine guns situated on mechanical cradles and pintles. There are no electro-mechanical stabilizing systems for crew served small weapons.

    Sounds like more skunk piss to me. To explain, a 1930s champion pistol shooter once told me that if people found out that skunk piss applied to the front sight would make them shoot better, no skunk would safe.

    Also, I noted in the base article, “The user will simply have to re-zero the weapon after switching between the .50 and M240.” Who zeros a .50 caliber afloat? It ain’t possible.

    If greater accuracy is needed, then let them shoot more.

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