“Army Corps of Engineers May Lose Its Domestic Missions”–Defense One

Defense One reports under a proposed government reorganization, our frequent partner, the Army Corps of Engineers, may have their domestic roles reassigned to other departments.

“…the Corps’ commercial navigation functions would move to [the Department of Transportation], whose mission already includes Federal responsibility for all other modes of transportation. All other activities, including flood and storm damage reduction, aquatic ecosystem restoration, hydropower, regulatory, and other activities, would move to [the Department of the Interior].”

This is a major rethink of the Federal bureaucracy. No mention of moving the Coast Guard again, but once these things start, you can never be sure where they will end. Will they want to put our AtoN mission under DOT?


8 thoughts on ““Army Corps of Engineers May Lose Its Domestic Missions”–Defense One

  1. The proposal’s appendix also includes a section about reducing the overlap between the Coast Guard and CBP AMO, talking about consolidating facilities, improving coordination, and pursuing joint acquisition programs.

  2. Several years back there was a proposal to transfer larger U S Army C of E vessels to the Navy (as civilian manned USNS ships). Who knows what may happen now (vessels could go to USCG).

  3. History: MSTS now MSC got a large number of USATS nee Army transport service ships when the fleets were merged in 1950. So the former USAV HSV and TSV projects were merged into the JHSV which then became the USNS Spearhead class of T-EPF

      • I don’t read it that way at all. “…an 11% funding increase for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Program.” and ” The new law does not call for the reorganization of the Army Corps of Engineers.”

      • That’s NOT what I meant to say! Apparently I left out the words “No Plans” for Reorganization! My Bad…

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