Chinese Nuclear Icebreaker Planned

China Defense Blog reports that China is has begun the process to design and build a nuclear powered icebreaker, as a prelude to building a nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

The post includes a quotation that is wrong on a couple of counts.

“The US and former Soviet Union used their experience with nuclear-powered icebreaker ships to build a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, he noted.”

The US, of course, never built a nuclear icebreaker, and the Soviet Union never built a nuclear carrier. The Soviets did build some very large cruisers with a hybrid nuclear and conventional steam powerplants, but those were their only nuclear powered surface warships. Both nations built nuclear submarines before building nuclear surface warships. China has also already built several classes of nuclear submarines

20 thoughts on “Chinese Nuclear Icebreaker Planned

      • If you look below the Waterline, the Chinese Aircraft Carriers use “Azipods” for propulsion instead of a Conventional Shaft Screw Propulsion. It’s been giving the PLAN nothing but Headaches trying to get them work right…

      • Secundius, any source for that? All other sources claim both Liaoning and Type 001A use conventional shaft lines and steam turbine propulsion. The French Mistral-class amphibs use Mermaid thrusters, but they only carry helicopters.

  1. @ Tups.

    https : // www . globalsecurity . org / military / china / images / cvn-3 – images03 . jpg

    Sorry, autocorrect keep trying to Autocorrect website address as be that of a Sentence and not that of being a Website Address. I hope this one won’t be Autocorrected and passes through the Filters…

  2. @Secundius. re: “So is the “Ticonderoga” class Cruiser replacement that can be found on “Shipbucket”, scheduled to be built from 2032 to 2040 of the Flight IV “Areligh Burke” Destroyers. That was announced in 9 January 2018 on “Defense News” (i.e. Military Times)”

    Navy does not publish future designs on shipbucket. Nothing is certain that far out.

    We are getting way off topic.

    • It was a 2007 Concept Drawing of a AB of 10,000-ton with a 155 Mk.65 Main Gun. Unfortunately because it was “Drafted” in 2007, the Website Address won’t work because the website only stay active for ~7-years. After that Nothing. I stumbled onto it by accident, because it was reposted by “Pinerest” under “Images” of Arleigh Burke’s. And there were a “$hiteload” of images to go through…

  3. Chuck – Maybe you should start a post to talk about the USN? – So much of their technology and war-fighting ability comes up because it is the primary route for USCG weapons. In addition, USN’s capabilities directly apply to CG, if there’s any peace-time or especially wartime interoperability. A separate post would keep other posts on-topic.

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