Bollinger Wants to Build CG Icebreakers in Tampa

MarineLink provides what is almost certainly a quote of press release from Bollinger stating they hope to build the three heavy and three medium icebreakers the Coast Guard has been saying it needs in Tampa. They are reminding every one (hay, you guys in Congress) how many jobs this could mean for Florida.

This cannot hurt our case for building more than one icebreaker.

The nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika in the Kara Sea. RIA Novosti archive, image #186141. Also keep reminding them how many icebreakers the Russians have and that the Chinese have one, are building one, and are planning a nuclear icebreaker. 


15 thoughts on “Bollinger Wants to Build CG Icebreakers in Tampa

  1. I wonder when we start seeing the first technical proposals for the new icebreaker. Isn’t the deadline sometimes soon?

  2. I am familiar with Tampa Ship. MSC tried to finish two T-AOs there, the USNS Wheat was stretched there, and a SWATH T-AGOS was finished there.

  3. Tampa Ship has changed ownership and been seeking work for sometime. But they have one of the few big drydocks available in FLA.

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