Former Cutter Aground


29 August 2018, the former USCGC Hamilton, now the Philippine Navy BRP Gregorio del Pilar (FF-15) ran aground near Hasa Hasa Shoal (Half Moon Shoal) in the South China Sea, 100 km West of the Southern end of the Island Palawan

Reportedly she is aground from the bow to amidships and props are damaged.

The Shoal is part of the South China Sea claimed by China as well as the Philippines. Perhaps, not surprisingly China has dispatched cutters to the scene and has offered to help remove the Philippine vessel. Having another Philippine vessel permanently  aground on a disputed feature of the South China Sea is the last thing they want. The Philippines will reportedly refuse Chinese assistance, but there is some concern that they may attempt to remove the ship anyway.


10 thoughts on “Former Cutter Aground

  1. I’m sort of curious as how this will play out with the Ship’s Captain. I would think a Philippine Naval Captain living in a Country with more than 7,000 Island would have a better grasp on the Navigational Hazards near and around the Philippines…

  2. It seems to be well aground by the amount of under water hull exposed forward and there seems to be a lot of water being pumped. Whether it gets off or not CTL?

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Philippine Navy remove the Gas Turbine and use the Engine Rome Space for Extra Fuel Storage…

      • The South Korean HDF-2600 class Frigates purchased by the Philippine Navy, had the Gas Turbine Engine Room replace as a Make Shift Barracks to billet Philippine Marines. As a Small Gator-Freighter in a Secondary Role. I heard they did the same with other second hand ships purchased by said same…

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