SAG South

Following from the USCGC Hamilton Facebook page.

CGC HAMILTON, along with 11 other Coast Guard Cutters and over 500 Coast Guard personnel have moved out of the path of Hurricane Florence in preparation for a swift response to the potential impacts of the dangerous storm. CGC HAMILTON and 5 other cutters have repositioned to Mayport, Florida in preparation to head north following Florence’s landfall. Together, these cutters have formed Surface Action Group (SAG) South, whose mission is to conduct search and rescue, provide humanitarian aid, assist maritime commerce by surveying waterways and maritime aids to navigation, and provide security to insure a prompt recovery of any impacted sea ports.

In addition to Hamilton I see three 270s, a 210, and a Webber class. Other ships in the SAG include Spencer and Harriet Lane.

Reportedly SAG South has begun to move North out of Mayport.

(Does this mean there is a SAG North?)

5 thoughts on “SAG South

  1. i am a news junkie. I have seen no news coverage, good or bad about coastie work with this latest storm. are we really that pr insensitive?

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