“Hit by Hurricane Michael, Eastern Shipbuilding starts recovery efforts”–MarineLog

WeatherNation showed this image of storm damaged trawler that had been nearing completion at Eastern

Marine Log reports:

Both of Panama City, FL, headquartered Eastern Shipbuilding Group’s shipyards have been damaged by Category 4 Hurricane Michael.

Just one indication of the severity of the storm: The 261-foot Alaska factory trawler North Star, which had been nearing completion at Eastern, was pictured resting on its starboard side in the waters of Saint Andrews Bay, FL, October 12, after being swept from its moorings.

Eastern was of course awarded a contract for detail design and construction of the first of the Offshore Patrol Cutters with options for eight more. No idea how this will affect the project.

6 thoughts on ““Hit by Hurricane Michael, Eastern Shipbuilding starts recovery efforts”–MarineLog

  1. Sincerely hope they have a smooth recovery. But this also strikes me as a fairly clear example of the hazards of putting ALL USCG shipbuilding entirely on Gulf shipyards. A second OPC source doesn’t seem unreasonable, preferrably one on the West Coast like NASSCO or Vigor.

  2. Good Ideal, wrong ship yards. Bath Iron Work hands down for several reasons.
    One they are very capable to build ships like the Offshore Patrol Cutters. Two
    they have the capacity with the Zumwalt program winding down. And third but not the least, President Trump owes Senator Susan Collins a very big favor.

    • Bath is a very very good yard, but their combatant work is their priority and who knows they may grab the Frigate contract. The West Coast yards are way under capacity and have less cost issues.

      • Let’s stay away from politics. I get way to much of that elsewhere, and I am sure many of us are tired of it.

        I have it on good authority the OPC delivery will not be seriously delayed, if at all.

        I don’t think there is any chance we will see a second yard building the OPCs unless construction is accelerated significantly. If we go to war, and the OPC is used as the basis for a cheap, quickly reproducible escort vessel. we might see a lot of them made.

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