“VT Halter Marine to Build New Coast Guard Icebreaker” –USNI


An artist’s rendering of VT Halter Marine’s winning bid for the U.S. Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter. VT Halter Marine image.

US Naval Institute News Service reports that the first Polar Security Cutter (Heavy Icebreaker) contract has been awarded to VT Halter, and it is notably cheaper than initial estimates. Cost is actually not a lot more than for a National Security Cutter. The contract includes options for two additional ships, if all options are exercised total contract would be $1.9B.

27 thoughts on ““VT Halter Marine to Build New Coast Guard Icebreaker” –USNI

  1. Was really hoping for Philly to nab this one (or a chunk of it). Ah well, here’s hoping VT Halter’s numbers hold up.

    • The most recent analysis said 6: 3 Heavy and 3 Medium. Been a lot of talk about saving $ on designing a second class by just buying 6 Heavy, but so far it’s just talk.

      • I think we will see six of a single class, particularly since the marginal cost of successive ships will come down. VT Halter will have its Congressional supporters.

  2. I’m a bit surprised about their selection, so it’ll be very interesting to see what kind of design they are proposing.

      • The azimuthing propulsor in the 3D rendering is clearly ABB’s Azipod – the Fincantieri rendering, on the other hand, had a mechanical Z-drive thruster from either Rolls-Royce or Steerprop. It’s quite easy to tell them apart, and you can’t really swap one for the other without redesigning the aft ship structures.

        As for the power plant, I’d put my money on Wärtsilä, MaK/Caterpillar or MAN in that order. 4-6 main diesel generators ought to be enough.

      • No problem. It’s still just speculation, though, as we don’t have more detailed technical information about the vessel. However, the publicly-available figure for displacement (33,000 long tons full load) seems too big for the given main dimensions (460 by 88 feet) and I’m suspecting it’s a typo; a more realistic figure would be around 23,000-25,000 tons.

  3. Here is some updated info from USNI, about the contract competition.

    “VT Halter Marine beat out Gulf Coast shipbuilder Bollinger and a team between Philly Shipyard of Philadelphia and Fincantieri Marinette Marine in Wisconsin, according to a report in The Associated Press. General Dynamics’ NASSCO shipyard had previously expressed interest in the program but did not submit a bid for the final work, USNI News understands.”

    • Craig Hooper had some posts on Twitter not long ago implying a couple potential bidders steered clear over various issues with the program.

    • I assumed budget uncertainty was the likely culprit.
      HII already has a bunch of oars in the government waters. If there is one contract with a high likelihood of evaporating after they had made capacity adjustments/investments to proceed, it would be the USCG polar ice breaker

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