“The Coast Guard Needs Russian Linguists” –USNI

Northeast Russia and Alaska are in close proximity and the U.S. Coast Guard will interact more and more as Russian maritime activity in the Arctic grows. Photo: Shutterstock

The US Naval Institute’s August 2019 issue includes a short article, currently available on line, by a Petty Officer David W. Zenkel, USCG. I think he has a point.

1 thought on ““The Coast Guard Needs Russian Linguists” –USNI

  1. In the 1970s and (at least) early 1980s, there was an active program to send mostly junior officers from cutters to language training in Russian and Japanese. Not sure when it ended, but it did make sure that the ALPAT cutters had a few people who could speak those languages.

    Seems to me that the Academy ought to have a foreign language requirement and priority could be given to OCS applicants who can speak a second language.

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