This Is a Bit Funny, but There Are Lessons Here

We have gotten more security conscious since 9/11. I was frankly surprised at the level of security when I entered a Coast Guard base recently. It hasn’t always been that way. Still no doubt, we have lessons to learn, and its always better to learn from the mistakes of others, than to wait until lessons are learned in a more up close and personal way.

The Air Force Times reports on an incident that happily ended with no casualties other than a shot up Volvo and a shredded teddy bear.

Finding a balance between the essentially unlimited levels of increasing security (is there ever enough?) and a realistic assessment of the threat and cost benefit is difficult.

Incidentally, that Coast Guard Base I visited seemed to be well protected from threats arriving by motor vehicle on the one access road, but water side access was wide open.

3 thoughts on “This Is a Bit Funny, but There Are Lessons Here

  1. I think I would feel better on base if the women shaved their heads too. More tactical looking.

    The observation about the ‘waterside’ being unprotected is ironic. Isn’t that the job of the Coast Guard? Reminds me of airport security but the tramacs are unsecure.

  2. Not so funny if the Volvo winds up being an out of pocket expense to the owner, if neither the USCG or the Insurance Company that insured the car refuses to pay for the replacement cost…

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