“Metal Shark set for full-rate production of Navy’s next-gen patrol boats” –MarineLog

MarineLog reports that the Metal Shark Defiant 40 foot patrol boat, selected by the Navy to replace its Force Protection patrol boats is nearing completion of its Operational Test and Evaluation phase and is now ready for full rate production (one every four weeks).

Earlier we discussed this boat and compared it to the RB-M. Significant features are a remotely operated weapons system and ballistic protection for the crew.

11 thoughts on ““Metal Shark set for full-rate production of Navy’s next-gen patrol boats” –MarineLog

  1. This boat looks lightyears ahead of its predecessor just for the fact that it has more armament, LRADs, ballistic protection, and other improvements. It’s nice to see the USN adopting a more aggressive offensive and defensive posture. Perhaps fitting it with 2.75″ APKWS rockets might work.

    Such a boat would help other federal protection agencies such as the Coast Guard, DEA, Border Patrol, USSOCOM, and Marines.

  2. Here’s my question, WHY are we NOT Buying this for the USCG as well. You can easily give this to the USCG and the 29’s can be handed down to the Reserves and Auxiliary as well.

    • I think it might be a little too heavily armed and not with the proper weapons for USCG usage in the open oceans and coastal littorals of CONUS. At best, this ship can protect ports and piers of Naval Bases, hence used by the U.S. Navy.

      Note the miniguns, M2HBs, and M240s…all short-ranged handheld weapons. The USCG requires stabilized weapons larger than 12.7mm for open ocean interdiction, hence the FRC, OPC, WMEC, and NSCs.

    • Coast Guard just recapitalized the 45′ Response Boat Medium with deliveries between 2008-2015. Coast Guard decided to go with Kvichak, now part of Vigor, instead of Metal Shark for the Medium sized boat. I would note that the 29′ Response Boat Small II, of which the Coast Guard are buying 470, are from Metal Shark and of similar design to the Navy patrol boat.

  3. What happened to the Mk6 Patrol Boat? I realize it’s larger than the Metal Shark and is in a different niche.

    I am curious though what happened with it. Did the Navy decide not to move ahead with additional purchases? Were issues found with the boats?

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