“Coast Guard engages industry on boat acquisitions” –CG-9

Petty Officer 2nd Class Dale Veverka, a boatswains mate, Seaman George Degener, and Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua Post, a machinery technician, conduct maneuvers on the Coast Guard Cutter Northland’s “over-the-horizon” small boat during transit to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, April 9, 2008. UNITAS exercise, a multinational naval exercise the helps tests the interoperability of U.S. and foreign naval forces. U.S. Coast Guard photo by PA2 Nathan Henise.

The Acquisitions Directorate made a presentation at the 2019 International WorkBoat Show Dec. 6, 2019, discussing future acquisitions.

The 19 slides that accompanied the presentation provide a good overview of the Coast Guard’s current and planned future fleet of small boats, in addition to covering contracting procedures and considerations. They also offer expectations for the fifth generation Over the Horizon boat, the new trailable navigation boat, and the third generation Long Range Interceptor.

It appears the Coast Guard may not be entirely happy with the existing solutions to the interface between cutter boats and the “notch” in the stern of cutters. The 17th slide (labeled 16 in the lower right corner) is titled “Discussion Topics.” It appears the Coast Guard is seeking improvements including “Decrease failures from notch-impact” and “Notch-Friendly Propulsion, Alternatives to waterjets.”

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