For the Warship Geeks in the Group–China’s Type 055

Image Analysis of photo of Chinese shipyard showing multiple warships at various stages of … [+]H I Sutton, with permission from @Loongnaval

The US Naval War College Digital Commons has made available an evaluation of China’s new 12,000 ton cruiser, the type 055, and its place in the PLAN based primarily on Chinese sources. It looks to be balanced and talks about both the ships and the systems on board.

They are building a lot of these.


5 thoughts on “For the Warship Geeks in the Group–China’s Type 055

  1. In the UK there is some talk about us reducing escort numbers even further. That we can be clever and do things another way. That is normally code for our budget is going to be shrunk or sunk into some immature tech that won’t work. Arguments like the hull in water being the fundamental seem to be lost on some. Something I have noticed about UK defence establishment it always tries to mask problems by pretending it is so much cleverer than anyone else. And the latter hasn’t be true for years.

    It doesn’t matter how many jump jets we cram into the QE I think the Chinese will win if push comes to shove in the Indian Ocean because the basics matter.

    • China’s big problem is that no one likes them. They’re pushiness and saber-rattling with Senkaku Islands, Spratleys, Philippine Islets, pushing into Indian Ocean, etc. has alienated Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Nationalist China (well, they always didn’t like communist China), Indonesia, etc. If anyone tries to stand up to them alone, other than the US, yes, China wins, but a coalition, particularly if the tripwire is in the Indian Ocean, which India does not wish to share? China loses big time, at least at sea. If such a conflict goes land-based, that will be a much worse problem.

      • Lots of people did not like the US either.

        China is using carrot and stick diplomacy backed up by bribery. Lots of people in the Philippines don’t like them, but the Chinese have effectively pushed the US out of the Philippines and they have made inroads.

        Philippines are the most strategically important country in SE Asia in terms of checking Chinese aggression and they seem to be folding under Chinese pressure.

  2. Hopefully the PRC is using the “Shizhi” unit of measurements to reverse engineer Ukrainian Metrics. Like the Soviet’s trying to reverse engineer three B-29’s to produce the Tu-4, which didn’t translate well from SAE to European Metric…

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