Why Can’t We Get a Movie Like This?

Forget “Finest Hours” or “The Guardian,” the Chinese have made a real coast guardesque superhero movie, “The Rescue.” Somehow it did not make it onto IMDB, but it did get some love on “Rotten Tomatoes.” There is a review here. It was release in the US, UK, and Canada at the same time it was released in China, January 25, 2020. Maybe it was a victim of COVID-19.

(Does look like maybe they have a nicer “Dilbert Dunker” than we do.)

Thanks to Amanda for bring this to my attention.

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Get a Movie Like This?

  1. Even if a movie, there is something unusual about this…notice how “Wealthy” the Chinese Coast Guard is in terms of new vehicles, quantity, and rescue reinforcements? In the USA, the USCG might send one or two RHIB Interceptor boats, one helicopter, and perhaps a Cutter. In this Chinese movie, there are four-five helicopters, several RHIB boats, and a whole slew of Coastguard personnel racing to rescue. Obviously, China has a much larger population of servicemembers than the USCG, showing how the USCG are also true heroes doing more with less.

    I couldn’t help but think how the Chinese copied the West so well to shape their own Coast Guard in this movie (if close to reality).

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