Below is an ALCOAST quoted in its entirety. I have added a link to “MyCG,” the web site mentioned here, to my recommended blog page. It is right at the top.

united states coast guard

ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE                                              CANCEL DATE 25 AUG 2021

R 260950 AUG 20
ACN 098/20
A. Coast Guard External Affairs Manual, COMDTINST M5700.13 (series)
1. Purpose: This ACN announces updates to the Coast Guard’s organizational
communications program, to include the launch of MyCG. MyCG is a publicly
available web interface that will serve as an authoritative source for
organizational news, announcements, and information. These changes will be
codified in the upcoming change 2 to REF (A).
2. Discussion. Over the past several years, Coast Guard senior leaders have
dedicated significant effort to advancing the readiness of our workforce.
MyCG is a continuation of this effort. In order to achieve the Commandant’s
vision of a mission ready total workforce, we must modernize our approach
to organizational communications to ensure that enterprise-wide initiatives
and program updates that are important to our people and their families are
clearly communicated via an easily accessible system and targeted to reach
intended audiences. With these goals in mind, the Coast Guard is restructuring
its organizational communications to improve personnel readiness and mission
execution, and to reinforce a world-class military service that empowers
people as our most crucial resource.
    a. To centralize, streamline, and enhance enterprise-wide organizational
communications through MyCG, COMDT (CG-092) will implement a communications
planning and execution process, and provide continual service-wide and regional
communications/updates via the MyCG platform. The MyCG site is intended to
reduce duplicative information from multiple sources; to centralize key
information into a common location; to provide that information in a way that
is easy to access; and to be interesting, timely, and relevant for our people.
    b. In order to maximize information accessibility, the MyCG site will be
available on the public web at: https://www.work.uscg.mil/mycg/, enabling
everyone’s access via mobile phone, personal computer, or work station. The
site will focus on news, features, and resources that support workforce readiness
and resilience.
    c. MyCG will serve as a centralized, authoritative source for enterprise-wide
organizational communications, to include announcements that impact the entire
Coast Guard workforce and their families.
3. Responsibility. COMDT (CG-0922) will manage MyCG, and coordinate the
organizational communications planning, development, and distribution process
for content shared via MyCG. Critical to the success of this initiative will be
integration of communications best practices, and sustained coordination between
COMDT (CG-0922) staff and communications liaisons designated by Headquarters,
Area, and District staffs.
4. Point of contact: Christie St. Clair, COMDT (CG-0922), 202-372-3021 or
5. Released by RDML Jon Hickey, Director, Governmental and Public Affairs.
6. Internet release is authorized.

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