Lease an Icebreaker? Going in Style

Icebreaking yacht Ragnar

There has been talk of the Coast Guard leasing an Icebreaker, with the Aiviq being frequently mentioned. But perhaps we should look here.

Reportedly she is rated as Ice Class 1A Super, “which means it can operate in temperatures as low as -31 degrees Fahrenheit at a speed of four knots, in ice that is 20 inches thick.” No indication of speed or horsepower. But she could be leased for only $525,000 per week. Might even get a price break on a long term lease.

This reminds me of the stories of yachts pressed into service as escorts during WWII. Reportedly one had a button that, when pressed, would move the XO’s bed into the Captain’s cabin and dump anyone in the XO’s bed into the Captain’s bed.

“As a former supply vessel, the rear area is purely utilitarian, ideal for an expedition vessel.” Burgess Yachts

Thanks to Lee for bringing this to my attention.

7 thoughts on “Lease an Icebreaker? Going in Style

  1. These ships, originally Sanaborg and Serkeborg, were shallow-draught icebreaking offshore supply vessels built for the Caspian Sea. The sister ship was rebuilt as a diving support vessel or something alike, and lost its icebreaking capability due to hull form modifications.

    They would have made excellent Great Lakes icebreakers and buoy tenders, though, even without the bar and jacuzzi.

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