9 thoughts on ““Ice-Strengthened Cutters For The U.S. Coast Guard ?” –Naval News

  1. Interesting that Schultz mentioned the relative possibility of ice-stregthened OPCs further down the production line. If I understand correctly, the third and fourth OPCs (Ingham and Rush) are to be homeported in Kodiak…would probably make sense to have those cutters ice-strengthened if any are going to be so they could have the capability of patrolling further up north.

  2. Every indication the two OPCs bound for Kodiak will not be ice-strengthened. None of the ships previously homeported there were specifically ice strengthened. Haley is a pretty stoutly built ship though.

    • Good to hear that two OPCs will head to Kodiak when they’re built. The Alex Haley is pretty old. I wonder if a NSC will replace the USS Munro in Alaska.

      • All the NSC homeports are accounted for, Honolulu (2), Alameda (4), and Charleston (6). The third and fourth OPC are expected to go to Kodiak. That should be 2026 and 2027. Not impossible there will be a third, but if that happens it will be much later

  3. The OPC program is glacial slow at least 2 OPC (better 3) should be under construction every year is there any hope for this? because the actual ships are mummies!

    • mummies look at 210s like didn’t i meet you at the pharoe’s coranation party?. 270s are their ankle biter kids. i did a 270 tour and loved it but the ships were pretty much old while being built.

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