“VIDEO: New pilot boats enter service in Port of Los Angeles” –Marine Log

Just wanted to pass along this video of new pilot boats for Los Angeles found on MarineLog. Requirements for pilot boats can be similar to those for motor lifeboats. As the 52 footers are reaching the ends of their very long lives, with one taken out of service already, these might be worth a look. In some places a motor lifeboat larger than 44, might effectively replace 87 foot Marine Protector class patrol boats as well. Specs are here.

The designer of these boats, Carmarc, in the UK, also designed a larger, self-righting 29 knot 75’6″ pilot boat that was built by Kvichak Marine Industries, Seattle, WA, now Vigor, Ballard, for the Columbia River Bar Pilots. Kvichak Marine was the developer of the Response Boat, Medium, also a Carmarc design.

MARCH 19, 2014 — Seattle headquartered Kvichak Marine Industries has delivered Astoria, a self-righting 75 ft 6 in all-aluminum pilot boat, to the Columbia River Bar Pilots (CRBP) of Astoria, OR.

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