“Chinese Assessment of New U.S. Naval Strategy” –USNI

The US Naval Institute news service provides a translation of a Chinese review of the Tri-Service Naval Strategy, “Advantage at Sea.”

It is, in my view, a surprisingly even handed evaluation. Not that it does not reflect the Chinese position, but it is at least fairly accurate.

One particular paragraph references the US Coast Guard.

Third, the U.S. will also introduce a new style of struggle, namely, it will bolster competition in the “gray zone.” That is, the U.S. will take greater action in the domains of social media; supply chains, especially defense industry chains; and space and cyber. A fairly obvious early indicator of this was that the USCG—which traditionally operates in the vicinity of the U.S. coast to defend the security of U.S. territory—has recently moved forward into the South China Sea region. It is preparing to conduct military operations in the South China Sea, with the aim of striking China’s maritime forces as well as bolstering joint law enforcement with regional states in the South China Sea, in order to respond to China’s South China Sea rights protection operations.

The idea of the USCG moving into the South China Sea “with the aim of striking China’s maritime forces” is a bit far fetched, but the rest is reasonably accurate and reflects the Strategy’s recognition of the Coast Guard as uniquely qualified to counter aggression in the “Gray Zone.”

7 thoughts on ““Chinese Assessment of New U.S. Naval Strategy” –USNI

  1. I remember being rounded on on Think Defence for saying our ability to kill ships was poor. And that the primary task of a navy was to sink ships. ** And being told the RN didn’t need to do that because we were on the side of the USN. The Chinese will hurt us if we go to war in the South China Sea. And they will be able to regenerate quicker and have more goes.

    ** Somebody, an RN three ringer, said the navy’s job was to do what the government wanted. All that did was illustrate the RN’s other problem, drowning in and believing in doctrine and high minded politics and not getting on with the task at hand.

      • I imagine in a future bunfight the RN’s carriers will be with the Gator Navy freeing LHx hangar and flightdeck space so the latter can carry more MV22.

        A F35b carrying multiple SPEAR 3 against a (near) peer like a PLAN destroyer would be interesting.

        I am off the school that we should be screwing modern (heavy) AShM on to every thing that floats.

  2. There is a general lack of “ways I can be a threat” these days. NSM should be on MH-60s and patrol boats. LRASM should be in the canisters on Constellation and above.

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