Ukraine Conflict Related Incidents

Cormoran (P677), a French navy ship. Brest, Finistère, Bretagne, France. Photo by Gary Houston

I really would like to know the basis of this seizure: French Navy Flamant-class OPV Cormoran seizes Russian cargo ship.

And then there are these seizures of Ukrainian flag ships by the Russians: Russian Navy seized two Ukrainian civilian vessels near Snake Island. If one or both of these ships was seized in Romania’s territorial sea, it would be a violation of international law

22 thoughts on “Ukraine Conflict Related Incidents

  1. The Russian freighter Baltic Leader seized by France is claimed to be owned by a Russian bank that was placed under sanctions by the USA a while ago. The European Union aligned its sanction regime recently, and the ship was thus seized while still in national waters after leaving a French port.
    Russia claims that the ship was sold by the bank to a third agency before the sanctions started, and thus should not be affected by them.

    • The Russians are trying hard to fortify and resupply Snake Island.

      The Ukrainians are making them pay a high price for their efforts.

      The susceptibility of these small craft to UAVs is on full display.

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