3 thoughts on ““Corps Will Stop Punishing Marines Based on Tape Test, Start Using Modern Scanners to Measure Body Fat” –Military.Com

  1. I’m guessing their going to use DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absortiometry) on them, instead of them simply trying to suck in their stomach to try to cheat a physical…

    • Cheating a poorly designed game. This goes back to square peg round hole. Being modern is looking modern and that will help recruit talent.

  2. Air Force recently dropped waist measurements as part of the PFT (I was Air Guard for 6 years post-CG). If you had over a 39″ waist you automatically failed your PFT, no cares about any other part of the test, even if you could max sit-ups/pushups/run. That part of the test was definitely written by a 5’5″ pilot or someone with no concept that body shape does not equal fitness level. At least the CG was wrist measurement for frame size, and a bit more room on the max allowable weight.

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