“Littoral Combat Ships Conduct Joint Oceania Maritime Support Initiative” –Seapower

“Independence-variant littoral combat ship USS Oakland (LCS 24) stations behind a fishing vessel while Tactical Law Enforcement Team Pacific Coast Guardsmen conduct an Oceania Maritime Support Initiative (OMSI) vessel compliance boarding, Aug. 19, 2022. Oakland is deployed in support of the Oceania Maritime Support Initiative, a secretary of defense program leveraging Department of Defense assets transiting the region to increase the Coast Guard’s maritime domain awareness, and law enforcement operations in Oceania. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ian Zagrocki)”

The Navy League’s on-line magazine, Seapower reports,

Independence-variant littoral combat ships USS Jackson (LCS 6) and USS Oakland (LCS 24) deployed to the Oceania region with embarked U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team detachments to conduct maritime law enforcement operations in support of U.S. and Pacific Island nations fisheries laws, August 2022, Commander, Littoral Combat Ship Squadron One Public Affairs Office said Sept. 7.

Certainly not the first time Navy combatants have embarked TACLETs, but the LCS do appear to be more appropriate than DDGs and it appears that, at least USS Jackson, is not just doing this while transiting some where else, “Jackson will continue the OMSI mission through September 2022.”


2 thoughts on ““Littoral Combat Ships Conduct Joint Oceania Maritime Support Initiative” –Seapower

  1. The LCS are adequate as patrol ships only limited by their endurance. Their capabilities fit well into certain AORs. There is some ability to switch mission modules, but not as originally intended.

    IMHO The Navy does not not have a good argument for wholesale dumping of both variants.
    The argument for continued service is still going on in Congress.
    A knowledgeable former naval official opined this:
    “I think the CNO will ultimately keep all the LCSs. Why piss off Congress by getting rid of them? Squadron of deuces forward based in Singapore. Squadron of unos based in Bahrain. Squadron of unos in Southcom

  2. I’ve said on and off online that the LCS should be stationed in the Pacific Islands. It’d show US commitment, presence and is a function they can actually do. They can cycle between McManus Base, Darwin, New Caledonia and other Pacific Island nations.

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