“Schiebel Teases New Camcopter S-300 UAV At Euronaval” –Naval News

Camcopter S-300 compared to the S-100 (image from company brochure).

Naval News reports Austrian company Schiebel is building a larger version of their widely used Camcopter S-100 to provide greater endurance and payload.

Regarding the technical specifications, according to Schiebel, the UAS is 4.8 meters long, 1.9 meter high and 0.9 meter wide. It can fly at a maximum speed of 120 knots (cruising speed 55 knots). Size apart, the true difference compared to the S-100 system is the payload capacity. Indeed the S-300 is able to carry up to 340 Kg (fuel including) and its maximum take-off weight can reach 660 Kg. This is basically three times more compared the S-100 can carry. With a 50 Kg payload, the S-300 can fly up to 24 hours (4 hours with 250 Kg).

The 660 kg max takeoff weight (TOW) compares to a 3,150 lb (1,430 kg) Max TOW for the MQ-8B Fire Scout and 6,000 lb (2,721 kg) for the larger MQ-8C Fire Scout.

The French Navy’s VSR 700 UAV mentioned in the last paragraph as a competitor for the S-300 was discussed here.


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