Former USCGC Douglas Munro Makes Its Way to Sri Lanka

Seawaves reports on the delivery voyage of the former USCGC Douglas Munro on its way to Sri Lanka. As in previous cases you can see that the air-search radar, Phalanx CIWS, and 25mm guns have been removed while the 76mm Mk75 gun and Mk92 fire control system remain.

As reported by Wikipedia, this is the 11thΒ  of the 12 ships of the class to be handed over to a foreign navy or coast guard. In most cases, they are the largest units in their new parent organization. Using their former names, their distribution is as follows:

Philippine Navy:

  • Hamilton
  • Dallas
  • Boutwell

Nigerian Navy:

  • Chase
  • Gallatin

Sri Lankan Navy:

  • Sherman
  • Douglas Munro

Vietnam Coast Guard:

  • Morgenthau
  • John Midgett

Bangladesh Navy:

  • Rush
  • Jarvis

The only one of the class that remains is Mellon which is expected to go to Bahrain.

Sri Lanka has also been operating the former 210 foot, Medium Endurance Cutter USCGC Courageous since 2005.

4 thoughts on “Former USCGC Douglas Munro Makes Its Way to Sri Lanka

  1. Hey Chuck,
    I wonder if you can confirm what I heard during a recent visit to Pier 36 in Seattle where CGC Mellon is currently moored.
    What I heard was that Bahrain has refused to take possession of the vessel.
    True ? Not True?

    • Sorry, I can’t say, but this does seem to have been dragging out. If they have not sent a crew to train on the vessel, then it is unlikely. Bahrain has plenty of money, not reason they could not buy new and there are plenty of sources.

  2. I am disappointed that the U.S./USCG didn’t keep one of this class for one of our US maritime museums.


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