Philippines Standing Up to China? Joint Patrols?

Philippine Navy frigate BRP Andrés Bonifacio (FF 17), the former USCGC Boutwell, participates in a group sail during the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise off the coast of Hawaii, July 26, 2018. (U.S. Navy photo by Arthurgwain Marquez)

A couple of recent reports seem to indicate the Philippines is becoming more aggressive in the protection of their EEZ.

Marine Link reports, “Philippines Coast Guard Boosts South China Sea Presence.”

“The Philippine Coast Guard has stepped up its presence in the disputed South China Sea by deploying additional vessels and conducting more sorties and overflights to protect maritime territory and the country’s fishermen, its chief said on Monday.”

gCaptain reports, “Philippine Navy Says China Tailed Its Warship.”

“The navy’s BRP Andres Bonifacio was conducting a patrol and search mission on Feb. 1 when it was monitored and tailed by the Chinese vessels near the reef, which is within the Philippines’ 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone, said Armand Balilo, a spokesman for the coast guard. The militia boats “even conducted an intercept course,” he added.”

That the Philippine Navy is sending one of its largest ships (painted gray), the former USCGC  Boutwell, to confront Chinese trespassing is, I believe, a change from their previous policy.

Since the US and the Philippines have agreed to resume joint patrols, I would not be surprised to see a US Coast Guard cutter backstopping a Philippine CG cutter as it boards and perhaps seizes a Chinese fishing vessel. There are certainly plenty of them that are violating Philippine law.

2 thoughts on “Philippines Standing Up to China? Joint Patrols?

  1. From what I hear, the US government is in discussions with PI to return floating assets to the Philippines.

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