“Coast Guard to Send Additional Cutter to Hawaii” –Military.com

USCGC Harriet Lane (WMEC-903), March 17, 2009. US Coast Guard photo. She may look a little different now having gone through the Service Life Extension Program.

Military.com reports USCGC Harriet Lane is to be the new “Indo-Pacific Support Cutter,” and that she will be based in Honolulu beginning early FY2024. This is a change of homeport from Portsmouth, VA.

We knew this was coming, and Harriet Lane was the likely candidate. She will be the only WMEC 270 in the Pacific and will be used to counter Illegal, Unregulated, Unreported (IUU) fishing in the US EEZ and that of our friends and allies. They will also probably do a lot of training with friendly maritime law enforcement agencies. Her capabilities are a good match for the role. WMEC270s have been doing similar tasks off West Africa for years.

Thanks to Walter, a former dirt dart, for bringing this to my attention.

4 thoughts on ““Coast Guard to Send Additional Cutter to Hawaii” –Military.com

  1. I originally thought the 270’s were not a fit for the pacific ocean due to the original design and they can’t the handle the waters in the pacific ocean

    • The difficulty was operating in Alaskan waters which was the regular job of west coast WHECs. The Western Pacific waters in Oceania are a good deal less demanding most of the time. She is certainly better suited for the mission than the Webber class FRCs.

      • That’s what I thought and I am wondering would the 270’s fit well in waters around western, Central pacific ocean. What about waters around Guam, American Samoa and Northern Marianas.

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