“Who Blocked The IMO From Passing New Midshipman X Initiatives?” –Coast Guard is a Prime Suspect

gCaptain’s John Konrad asks the question.

The issue is,

Did the US Coast Guard just block an important #MidshipmanX Sexual Assualt And Harassment (SASH) initiative at the IMO? Who are the members of the United State’s IMO delegation? Why are they not listed on the USCG’s IMO webpage? Who is holding them accountable?

…gCaptain received information from a foreign flag representative of the UN body that the “US Delegation has shot down an important SASH Initiative“.

“Military fails to advise sexual assault victims of civilian court option, advocates say”–USA Today

USA today has a story discussing a report that thousands of sexual assault victims in the military have not been advised they have the choice to seek civilian prosecution.

According to the report, only the Army has kept any records that this advice, required since 2015, is being provided, and they have done so only for a small portion of cases.

I have long felt these cases would be better handled in civilian courts. For non-deployed units there is little reason not to. This would minimize the potential problems of real or perceived command influence.