Canadian Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship

We discussed our Arctic Patrol Cutter earlier. This announcement of a alliance between Canada’s Washington Marine Group and European defense contractor Thales, to compete for a contract to build Canada’s Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) sounds more like a company news release than real reporting, but it gives an idea what the Canadians are doing–six ice breaking patrol ships at an estimated cost of  $2B (presumably Canadian $).

The ships would have patrol duties in other waters when the Arctic is not accessible. Who will operate these ships is still an open question. The stated intention is that they will be Canadian Coast Guard, but many in Canada feel they should be operated by the Navy, because the Canadian Coast Guard is more that of a civilian agency than a military force.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship

  1. Just under a century ago many thought the U. S. Coast Guard (and Revenue Cutter Service) was a civilian agency. There is plenty of documentation to back this up and some, including inside the Coast Guard, continue to think of it as a civilian agency.

  2. The Canadians are still hashing out their plans for these ships. Looks like they have had to rebuild their acquisitions organization as well.

    Still, looks like they will get their new ice strengthened patrol ships before we see the Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) and certainly before the Coast Guard gets any new ice capable ships.

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