Indonesia Reportedly forming a Coast Guard

Here is a news report that Indonesia is going to establish a Coast Guard. This is more evidence that the importance of an independent Coast Guard is being recognized. Interesting that Japan as well as the US are sited as being willing to help set up the new service. Japan’s Coast Guard of course, traces its roots back to our own, when the occupation forces under MacArthur were reshaping Japanese institutions. Clearly the Japanese have a vested interest in the security of Maritime commerce through the Straits of Malacca, but I had not previously heard of them offering security assistance and training. On the other hand, during WWII, then Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, was about the only place where Japan’s vision of a “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” actually seemed to be cooperative.

3 thoughts on “Indonesia Reportedly forming a Coast Guard

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  2. I’ll take the job in Bali. Great place. Friendly people, plenty of Pier One exports, and great steak and lobster meals–and, of course, plenty of rice in some exotic places. The restaurant on the lip of a volcano is pretty cool. Odd, for being Hindu they serve beef.

    I’d name the new Coast Guard boats after the temples. Monkey, Snake and Elephant.

    The Japanese could be worried about the Indonesian terrorists teaming up with the Filipino and supporting their own home grown versions. It would be a very difficult place to patrol effectively.

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