Group with Links to Al Qaeda Claims M.Star Was Suicide Attack

CNN is reporting that the attack on the Very Large Crude Carrier M. Star, discussed earlier, is now being claimed by a group with links to al Qaeda. Reportedly web sites have a picture of the man who reportedly carried out the attack.

Quoting from the CNN report:


The group said the attack was intended to “strike an economic blow to the infidels.”

CNN was not immediately able to authenticate the claim.

The group, said to be inspired by al Qaeda, is believed to be behind several attacks in the Middle East, including the October 2004 attack on a hotel and nearby camp sites in Egypt that killed more than three dozen people.

The statement from the Abdullah Azzam Brigades said the attack on the tanker was the “conquest of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman” — a reference to the imprisoned blind cleric who inspired the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York.

“In a blessed episode of our Jihad in the name of God and in order to weaken the global infidel network, a battalion from our Jihadi brethrens managed to carry out an operation in order to strike an economic blow to the infidels,” the statement said.

“After midnight on last Wednesday, the hero, the martyrdom seeker Ayoub Tayshan, blew himself up in the Japanese tanker M. Star in the Strait of Hormuz between the United Arab Emirates and Oman causing damages, that were reported all over the international media outlets. This heroic operation will have a major effect on the global economy and the oil prices.”


I’m tempted to yawn, but if they keep practicing, they may get better at this. Still it’s hard to keep experienced crews.

8 thoughts on “Group with Links to Al Qaeda Claims M.Star Was Suicide Attack

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  2. Chuck,

    Have you noticed how the superstructure of M Star is actually centered and does not project out to the gunwales of the hull on the ship? And yet a starboard hatch and several portholes high on that centerline superstructure were blown in without those spaces effected being wetted by seawater. Then there’s also the starboard lifeboat being blown away. That was a large blast to have reached that far above the hull and to have done that much damage.

    If that starboard lifeboat was blast damaged then I wonder if it has a transponder that became activated once it was immersed in seawater. If it sank rather than floated then that might point to the location of remains of whatever struck the M Star.

  3. A bit more here:

    I go with the botched suicide attack theory. If that is what happened, it should be relatively easy to establish the GPS position of the ship at the time of the explosion and find wreckage on the floor of the strait. Checking Google Earth doesn’t look like the depth gets below about 100 Meters anywhere in the Strait.

  4. Looking at the photos and mapping out the location and nature of the damage on the vessel, it was obvious from the beginning.

    The blast was obviously centered a considerable distance above the waterline. A mine, torpedo, suicide boat will create vastly more damage below the waterline than above. A blast radiates pressure out uniformly, and it would be a very odd water-borne blast indeed that would create a semi-spherical pocket in the side of the ship above the waterline that far. The lack of damage below the waterline and the considerable amount of damage on and above the 01-level also confirm this.

    My guess is that the homicide bomber was climbing aboard via a boarding ladder, or possibly a grapple and knotted rope, when his vest went off.

    Seems more and more surface of the ocean is going to require anti-boarding precautions. I think I’ll invest in some shipboard pump manufacturers. With all the firehoses rigged to the side and operating more and more, there’s going to be a lot more of them worn out and needing replacement…

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