USCGC Spencer (WPG/WAGC/WHEC-36) Legacy

Nice piece about the current Spencer (WMEC- 905) honoring a sailor from the previous Spencer (WPG/WAGC/WHEC-36).

The earlier Spencer was unique in Coast Guard history, in that she is believed to have sunk at least two U-boats.

For some excellent photos of all seven of the 327s, from construction through the end of World War II, the Coast Guard Historian has a nice collection of photos with commentary showing their changing configuration.

2 thoughts on “USCGC Spencer (WPG/WAGC/WHEC-36) Legacy

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  2. Keep up the great work….All terrific things…we should be showing this, your great work & the great/proud history of the USCG in classrooms @ all HS & College level. I served from 12-52 to 2-56 . Cape May boot camp, Radio school in Groton, Ct, land station NMH on East Morichees LINY, Spencer 36
    ( helped rescue Natical Research vessel “Vema” off Bermuda @ St. George, USCG Gentian @ Cape May the to USCG Recruiting Office Philadelphia, Pa.

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