China Still Pushing Buttons

The Japanese recently released the captain of a Chinese fishing boat that had rammed two Japan Coast Guard vessels. They probably thought that tempers would cool, but it looks like the Chinese aren’t satisfied. They have sent three of their fisheries patrol vessels to the disputed waters to defend what they see as their rights.

5 thoughts on “China Still Pushing Buttons

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  2. Chuck,

    Japan is apparently reacting to China’s push against its neighbors. The JMSDF will be expanding from 16 to 22 SSKs (attack submarines). Their latest Soryu class AIP-equipped SSK boats displace 4,200 tons. Those are large boats for being non-nuclear!

    See Kyle Mizokami’s report over at his Japan Security Watch blog.

    Japan planning dramatic boost in submarines

  3. Should be relatively easy for them to increase their fleet if they can get the people to man them. Historically the Japanese have maintained their submarine fleet at 16 by building one sub a year and decommissioning one to maintain 16, they have also retained a couple of subs as trainers so they actually already have 18, all under 19 years old. They don’t have to increase their build rate (although looks like they might), all they have to do is stop decommissioning subs that still have plenty of life left.

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