Somali Pirates Capture Three Ships in Two Days

NATO reports three vessels October 23/24, a Dhow; the YORK, a Singapore flagged 5,076-ton LPG tanker en route from Mombasa, Kenya to the Seychelles, was carrying 17 crew, including a German master, two Ukrainians and 14 Filipinos, and the BELUGA FORTUNE a cargo ship under charter to a German company bound from the United Arab Emirates to South Africa have been seized in two days.

It appears a South Korean flag crab boat, the GOLDEN WAVE, seized on October 9, was used as the mother ship for seizure of the YORK. When the GOLDEN WAVE was seized, she had on board 43 people, two S. Korean, two Chinese, and 37 Kenyans.

Reportedly pirates are currently holding 20 vessels and and 428 hostages.

If you would like to keep up with what is happening with regard to piracy in the Indian Ocean, it looks like “Eagle Speak” is a good source.

Raw Data is available from the NATO site here.

10 thoughts on “Somali Pirates Capture Three Ships in Two Days

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  2. The Naval Institute blog also posted the Keynote speech by Stephen M. Carmel, Senior Vice President, Maersk Line, Limited:

    The speech puts the Somali piracy problem into perspective, comparing it to the much more significant problem the US had with Barbary pirates early in the nation’s history. He finds the problem more significant as a symptom of instability in East Africa, than as a threat to commerce.

  3. Chuck,

    I posted the following over at EagleSpeak. Things do seem to be aboil along the East African coast.

    MV Beluga Fortune has been freed as the pirates apparently fled upon the approach of forces from Operation Atalanta.

    Forces free seized German cargo ship off Africa

    Also, there are some none too clear reports that a gunfight occurred between Somali pirates and a coalition warship near Hobyo.

    One Dead As Somali Pirates Clash With Foreign Vessels

    • Thanks, DER, I didn’t see your post before I posted my own note below. Apparently still much to be told about what happened. Sounds like the pirates may have been pursued.

  4. Chuck,

    It seems as though a SEAL team needs to swarm up over the gunwales of that pirated fishing boat Golden Wave, since it seems to be a pirate mothership operating off the coasts of Kenya and Tanzania. Of course, no bunch of politicians is going to allow such an action to occur.

  5. i recommend for all ships to have a set of navy officers full time these will reduce the piracy case such as that of MAERSK ALABAMA

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