Commandant on the Stump

Looks like the Commandant is going on stump to tell people how bad its has gotten, Commandant: Coast Guard Suffering Under Strain of Tight Budgets. While previous Commandants have gotten kudos for “doing more with less,” soon Admiral Papp is going to have to say we are doing less with less.

This is the second time I’ve seen reference to the OPC being killed. (First time here)

Not everything gets reported of course. The Commandant talked about the fact that even the newest ships, the 270s, are going to be over 40 years old when they are replaced, but he may have missed the opportunity to point out that even if we stick to the current plan, all the 210s are going to be 55 to 57 years old before they are replaced–I don’t think we should let people forget that.

4 thoughts on “Commandant on the Stump

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  2. Maybe the Commandant will explain why they are so willing to forgo &96-$180M for the 123s by not providing us a couple one page declarations they admitted were legal and accurate? Maybe he could explain how it is in the best interest of the Coast Guard and the country to forgo those critical funds just so they can pay me back for being critical of the former Commandant’s performance, in some areas, relative to Deepwater? I would like to know why the right answer here is not to do everything they can to help us win the case for them. I would like to know how this behavior is not counter productive, petty and vindictive and how that in any way justifies not securing those funds during this time of urgent financial need.

    Isn’t the right answer to set aside their feelings for me and help us to help them for the good of the Coast Guard especially since their own legal staff and witnesses agree there was fraud and our case is their best shot to get the refund?

    What could the Coast Guard do with that money?

  3. Congress will not get it until the CG starts shutting down. Start by cutting all underway days by 1/2 for every cutter. You want to make them last until they can be replaced, stop using them.

  4. This is unfortunately headed for a catastrophe and more hearings. While the money issue is a justifiable to some degree the congress can also say they funded a good chunk of Deepwater and the Coast Guard allowed themselves to be rolled by the contractors and made a lot of bad decisions especially after they were wronged by the contractors. Refusing to help us help them with a couple key declarations and forgoing that much money, just because they are not happy with my criticism of some of their decisions, demonstrates this in spades.

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