Maritime Interdiction Operations off Libya

The US and other nations have begun a maritime interdiction operation off Libya. I would not be surprised to see some Coasties involved. There is an early explanation of how the operation is currently organized here. That the organization is convoluted and confusing seems to be the message.

4 thoughts on “Maritime Interdiction Operations off Libya

  1. Get ready to be surprised because there are no CG deployable forces that have assigned to the EUCOM or AFRICOM AOR through the Global Force Management (GFM) process. CG provides a 2.0 LEDET presence to CENTCOM only.

  2. Well, NATO is supposed to be in charge of the maritime operations around Libya. Why deploy U.S. Cutters thousands of miles when the NATO countries in the Med have small combatants (PCs, Gunboats, etc.) in large numbers.

    • What I was thinking about was boarding teams. I believe some of the US ships came from CentCom, and might still have their boarding teams on board. If it goes on long enough, the Navy may also request additional boarding teams. It does look like we are trying to get the Europeans to handle this one (Most of the units are Italian), so perhaps there will be no CG involvement.

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