Escanaba Headed South–Way South

File:USCGC Escanaba WMEC-907.jpgCutter Escanaba is participating in Exercise UNITAS, April 15 to May 9, along with Destroyer Nitze and Frigates Boone and Thach.

Escanaba is a very internet savvy ship. You can follow her on facebook  here. Other participants will include units from Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

5 thoughts on “Escanaba Headed South–Way South

  1. More pictures and some additional background at Coast Guard Compass:

    Some info on the Mexican Navy ship the report talks about here:

    Based on the Wiki description, she is a good match for Escanaba. Very similar in many ways, very nearly the same size, virtually the same speed. The Mexican vessel is slightly longer and narrower. Reportedly she has a well deck in addition to davits. She has two remote controlled .50 cal and an auto-cannon aft in addition to the 76mm. Like the Escanaba, she has a helo deck and hanger and one of the types of helicopters she operates is the Panther, essentially an H-65. Commissioned in 2003, she is the second of a projected class of six.

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