Coast Guard completes 25,000 “Rescue 21” case.

gCaptain is reporting the Coast guard has completed its 25,000 rescue mission using “Rescue 21.”

The article also talks about the new Sector San Francisco hosted Interagency Operations Center (IOC) on Yerba Buena Island, in San Francisco Bay.

More info here.

Interagency Operations Centers are another way the Coast Guard is making itself indispensable. The question remains, who provides this sort of facility inland?

(Thanks to Ryan for the heads up.)

1 thought on “Coast Guard completes 25,000 “Rescue 21” case.

  1. Since many recreational boaters on inland waters don’t have marine radios, some of the more advanced features of Rescue 21 wouldn’t be called on very much. Boaters in trouble tend to call 911 and the local sheriff or state marine patrol usually ends up helping them out. Even if you include the Auxiliary in the mix — which seem to comprise most of the USCG small boat rescue capability on inland waters, the USCG is spread pretty thin. Better coordination with state and local officials is needed, but this seems to be more of a people problem than one of technology.

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