Coast Guard Adopts Ozone Widget Format is reporting that the Coast Guard has adopted the NSA’s “Ozone” widget framework to be used as part of the Watchkeeper port security information sharing network. Perhaps this means something to some of you. I have only a very foggy notion what a widget is, and only because there are some widgets used on this web site.

But there is also some disturbing information also included in the post.

The Coast Guard has acknowledged difficulty in convincing port security agencies to utilize WatchKeeper. During a September subcommittee hearing, Stephen Caldwell, Government Accountability Office director of homeland security and justice issues, noted that research for a February 2012 report (.pdf) found that 82 percent of those given access to WatchKeeper “had never even logged on.”

Coast Guard completes 25,000 “Rescue 21” case.

gCaptain is reporting the Coast guard has completed its 25,000 rescue mission using “Rescue 21.”

The article also talks about the new Sector San Francisco hosted Interagency Operations Center (IOC) on Yerba Buena Island, in San Francisco Bay.

More info here.

Interagency Operations Centers are another way the Coast Guard is making itself indispensable. The question remains, who provides this sort of facility inland?

(Thanks to Ryan for the heads up.)