Russia and Canada in the Arctic

Interesting Article here from Christian Science Monitor updating the Russian (and Canadian) positions on claims in the Arctic, including an expected 380,000 square mile continental shelf claim by the Russians and a statement that they are planning on building six new icebreakers.

This is a bit older, but talks about Canada’s ship building plans including a new icebreaker, CCGS_John_G._Diefenbaker, and up to eight ice strengthened Arctic Patrol Ships.

Photo left: Norwegian Svalbard, basis of the design for Canada’s Arctic Patrol Ships.

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2 thoughts on “Russia and Canada in the Arctic

  1. Dear Chuck,
    I read your article and it was so well written and liked it very much. I would like to bring to your attention that starting on August 4th 2011 and lasting for several weeks was the Canadian Exericse Nanook II in the arctic and exercise is still on going with USCG assets. The USCGC Willow was part of Canadian Navy Foltilla that departed Halifax Harbor on August 5th heading up to the arctic with Canadian Naval Vessels. Operation NANOOK 11 is a two part operation.

    Part one:

    A sovereignty and presence patrolling operation
    Conducted from 4 to 20 August, 2011 on Cornwallis Island and at sea in Davis Strait, Baffin Bay and Lancaster Sound
    Includes the participation of our international partners from the United States and Denmark

    Part two:

    A Canadian whole-of-government exercise
    Includes a simulated major air disaster conducted in the vicinity of Resolute Bay, NU
    Includes a simulated maritime emergency exercise conducted in the Strathcona Sound, NU area of northern Baffin Island

    best reguards,

    ken white

    • Ken,

      Thanks, for the update. Of course it would not be the first time Coast Guard ships have worked out of Halifax. I had the pleasure of a visit for an exercise while on Duane. Seem to recall some of the cutters during WWII got ASW training there, too.

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