Three New Ships for Norwegian Coast Guard


KV Nordkapp, lead ship of a class of three which will be replaced. Photo by Marcusroos

The Barents Observer reports Norway is ordering three new icebreaking cutters for the Norwegian Coast Guard which will replace the Nordkap class.

I note the Nordkapp class looks like they could have been a contender for the OPC contract–3.200 tons, 345 ft (105 meters) long, ice strengthened, helo deck and hangar, 22 knots, 57mm gun, plus hull mounted sonar and provision for adding Penguin ASCMs and ASW torpedoes. The new ships may end up looking a lot like the OPC.

Commandant Remarks and Q&A–USNI/CSIS on CSPAN

Earlier we talked briefly about the Commandant’s address to the USNI and CSIS Maritime Security Dialog. This is the entire address.

It is about 53 minutes, of which the first half is prepared remarks and the second half Q&A.

I think you will find it worth the time.

Thanks again to James WF for pointing me to this.

Commandant Addresses Surface Navy Association Symposium

Thursday the Commandant addressed the annual Surface Navy Association symposium in Arlington, Virginia. Navy Times has a short description of his address. It is certainly worth the read. Reading it, I get the impression, perhaps this Commandant is thinking outside the box, and recognizes that business as usual is not cutting it.

The summary includes comments on Drug Enforcement, Migrant Interdiction, and Polar Operations.

Thanks to James WF for bringing this to my attention.

2014 Polar Shipping Review–The Maritime Executive

The Maritime Executive has an excellent article reviewing what has been happening relative to shipping in the Polar regions, including some not too favorable comments on the recently released “Polar Code,” resource exploitation, ice breaker and ice capable vessel construction, the variability of polar weather, and the much lower than expected traffic in the Arctic last year.