Finns Building New Dual Fuel Icebreaker

gCaptain reports the Finns are building another new ice-breaker, this one will be dual fuel, eg, able to Natural Gas.

Reportedly the vessel will “… be capable of operating continuously in ice up to 1.6m thick and break a 25 meter wide channel in 1.2 meter thick ice at a speed of 6 knots.”

11 thoughts on “Finns Building New Dual Fuel Icebreaker

  1. The order was cancelled last Friday due to issues with bank guaranties. Hopefully they’ll have things sorted out before the end of the year.

      • It is certain that the new icebreaker will be ordered. However, in the end both bidding shipyards (Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and STX Finland) were disqualified for the same reason. As a result, they had to re-open the bid so that both companies would get a second chance.

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