Three New Ships for Norwegian Coast Guard


KV Nordkapp, lead ship of a class of three which will be replaced. Photo by Marcusroos

The Barents Observer reports Norway is ordering three new icebreaking cutters for the Norwegian Coast Guard which will replace the Nordkap class.

I note the Nordkapp class looks like they could have been a contender for the OPC contract–3.200 tons, 345 ft (105 meters) long, ice strengthened, helo deck and hangar, 22 knots, 57mm gun, plus hull mounted sonar and provision for adding Penguin ASCMs and ASW torpedoes. The new ships may end up looking a lot like the OPC.

4 thoughts on “Three New Ships for Norwegian Coast Guard

  1. Various reports indicate that VARD (which was largely responsible for the design of the OPC) is now the preferred bidder. According to the German Navy blog “Marine Forum”:

    “The government announced it has selected Vard as preferred bidder for the construction of three new coast guard vessels … if negotiations successful project should approved by the Parliament in 2018 … delivery of the first vessel would be in 2022.”
    “(rmks: replace ageing NORDKAPP class)”

    Sounds more likely than ever the resulting ship will look a lot like the OPC.

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