Wanted: Descendents of the Heroes

Bollinger is hoping to honor the namesakes for the fourteen Fast Response Cutters currently under contract, by hosting a fleet dedication in New Orleans at the D-Day museum on March first and second, 2012.

They would like to host one or two representatives from each of the families. The fourteen ships are:

They have been able to contact the families of Bernie Webber, William Flores, and Richard Dixon, but need help locating the others.

If you can help please e-mail: sales@Bollingershipyards.com

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Descendents of the Heroes

  1. Bollinger is still attempting to contact family members of the namesakes of some of these cutters. I received the following from a Bollinger representative.

    “We are still looking for a few representatives of the families of the namesakes for the first 14 Sentinel Class cutters.

    “The ones we are missing are
    Paul Clark
    Joseph Napier
    Isaac Mayo

    “To remind everyone, here is a very brief reminder of what these heroes did to be recognized with a cutter named after them

    “Paul Clark – as a Fireman First Class attached to the USS Joseph T. Dickman during the assault on French Morocco during WWII was awarded a Navy Cross for his unsurpassed courage and initiative while under heavy machinegun fire.

    “Joseph Napier –As Keeper of the St Joseph MI, Life Saving Station #6, Joseph Napier was the person most responsible for the saving of six souls aboard the schooner D. G. Williams in Oct. 1877. It took four attempts to make the rescue and during the process he received a severe leg injury but continue on to the save the lives of others.

    “Isaac Mayo – in April 1879 when Isaac Mayo was a junior Surfman at Cape Cod, the schooner Sarah J. Fort was wrecked in a heavy storm. After the first rescue attempt failed and two of the sailors perished, Mayo took command of a second and later a third surfboat and manned it with fresh crew of surfman and some volunteers from town. Four of the schooners crew were ultimately saved due to the expert seamanship and dedication of Mayo.

    “We are still trying to find relatives of these amazing heroes from the Coast Guard’s past. If any of the readers of the CG Blog have any leads or can assist we would be very grateful. As we talked before Bollinger is hosting a fleet dedication ceremony for the Sentinel Class of patrol boats on March 2nd of this year and we would like to invite two family representatives to attend the event at our expense.

    “Please send any information to either myself or Skip Bowen MCPOCG (ret) at the following email

    “trh@bollingershipyards.com or skipb@bollingershipyards.com
    “T. R. Hamblin CDR USCG, (ret)

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