Honoring More CG Heroes–Naming Ten More Cutters

File:Proposed modification to the Damen Stan patrol vessel for the USCG.jpg

US Coast Guard Illustration

As names were announced for the first fourteen Webber class Fast Response Cutters, the official USCG blog, “Coast Guard Compass” gave a short description of the service of the enlisted heroes these ships were named for. (You can find links to these fourteen posts here.)

Now ten more names have been selected and Coast Guard Compass is again posting descriptions of their service. The first five are:

9 thoughts on “Honoring More CG Heroes–Naming Ten More Cutters

  1. It looks as if the naming board is stretching in the lines of political correctness. Two Life Saving Service people who never served in the Coast Guard Guard and another was an officer. The LSS folk were not enlisted. They were hired civilians and some only on a temporary basis. The officer may have begun as an enlisted person but was not one in the end or during the actions. So if this is to be an enlisted class let’s stay with enlisted people.

    • Thanks Chuck, but the Bronze Star citation did not say anything more than what hundreds of other people did nor was serving for 44 years at the time.
      If he spent all that time in Vietnam how is it he is wearing only two campaign stars on this Vietnam Service Ribbon? That length of time would have been six.

      I am not convinced he should be on the list of namesakes. There are others far more deserving. This was just as political as any politician.

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