Communication of Post-Government Employment Restriction Can Be Strengthened–GAO

The GAO has issued a report on the Coast Guard’s program to ensure flag officers and Senior Executive Service (SES) personnel understand the restrictions on their post retirement employment.

“Of the 40 former high-ranking Coast Guard officials (Admirals or Senior Executive Service members) who separated from the Coast Guard from 2005 through 2009, 22 have been compensated by Coast Guard contractors. Twelve of these officials were compensated in 2010 by major Coast Guard contractors—contractors that received at least $10 million in Coast Guard contracts in 2010. One of the 12 officials was assigned by a major Coast Guard contractor to work on a program for which the individual previously had official responsibility. According to a Coast Guard ethics opinion, this individual was permitted to work for the contractor. Coast Guard and contractor documentation does not specifically indicate whether any of the other 11 officials were assigned to work on programs for which they previously had official responsibility. Based on the information provided on official roles and responsibilities, we did not find any evidence these former officials represented themselves to the government in violation of post-government employment restrictions.”

The good news here is they found no evidence of wrong-doing, they only recommended that additional instruction be provided.  It is not clear if this constituted an actual evaluation of the compliance with restrictions on employment by retired personnel.

(Thanks to Lee for the lead)

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