Waesche Enroute to SE Asia


Short video here. USCGC Waesche was in Hawaii heading for SE Asia to train with nations in that region. Maybe they will even get to do some fisheries in the American EEZ in the western Pacific.

(Thanks to Bill for the link)

22 thoughts on “Waesche Enroute to SE Asia

  1. Nice to show off the new cutter to South East Asian Countries. Would ya want to be some South east Asian countries may want them as well, when we show up.

  2. They left last week; anyone else actually in the CG knows this too.

    As usual, you fools here are a day late and a dollar short with your “hot intel” about what any of us are actually doing.

    • Obviously not everyone knew. (Its not all about you you know.) Don’t usually say anything about ship movements, but this was unusual, and I hope they do do some fisheries in the Western Pacific EEZ, which seems under-served.

  3. I am actually in the CG and didn’t know. As well as everyone in my office. Get off your high-horse HQ weenie!

    Have a fine CG day!

    • So because you are ignorant of current CG ops come to this place for “updates”? LOL!

      Be careful of who you complain about working at policy jobs in offices. You just admitted to everyone here that you yourself work in one. What does your own self-admission make you E7?

      • So, do you know what every unit in the CG did today? I have a good idea you are ignorant also. And being anonymous makes you what authority? My self-admission makes me humble, but you wouldn’t know as you come across as an arrogant person. So, good day to you and your HQ weenie job. 🙂

  4. I have a good friend on board that cutter. He is in for a long and challenging trip. I pray for his safety. Thanks, Chuck for posting this it is good to let others know what the Coast Guard is doing each day.

    • Pray for his safety? PACOM is not exactly what anyone would call a hotbed of combat action right now.

      Or are you trying to tell us all here that the cutter is unsafe? Why else would you need to “pray for his safety”?

  5. CGHQ Blogger, you are clearly worth ignoring. But then again I pray for the safety of my friends because I care, I pray for my family because I care. I pray for the entire armed forces even those at home. You have some type of attitude problem that preludes you from realizing most people don’t care about your opinion. Unless you have something constructive instead of a desire to critique everyone then you truly have nothing to add. Please learn to be respectful of other people it is a core value we hold.

  6. I am Navy and like to come to this site for CG information of whatever age. And having served in a Washington HQS not far from Bzzards Point, I know that the world does NOT revovlve around such staffs, the better insights coming from the fleet and crews.

    • The truth of the matter is that if you want to find out what is really going on in any organization, the last place you should look is their HQ staff.

  7. Hey HQ quit being a DB! If you know so much start your own blog! Your ignorant attitude isn’t needed. PS all branches are a dangerous place to work whether in a combat zone or not. Someones prayers for safety are always appreciated.

  8. My husband is on this ship. It is nice too see ANY information regardless if it is after movement even if I partially know whats going on. In addition, I pray for his safety as well. This is going to be a long trip. Any time he is underway I worry. Going to foreign ports can be dangerous.

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