Another New icebreaker, No Not Coast Guard

gCaptain reports, Shell oil recently took delivery of a 360 foot icebreaker anchor handling vessel. This is the fourth icebreaker built by Edison Chouest Offshore in the last two decades. Two of them (Laurence M. Gould and Nathaniel B. Palmer) were chartered by the National Science Foundation to support their high latitude work.

Reportedly this is part of a continuing trend toward larger vessels to support oil drilling as it moves further off shore.

While it is certainly no Polar Class, it appears to be larger than either the Wind Class or the Glacier. Its good to know that if we wanted to quickly build an arctic patrol vessel that would not break the bank (reported cost $200M), there is at least one American shipyard up to the task.



11 thoughts on “Another New icebreaker, No Not Coast Guard

    • I watched a video of the hearing and will be commenting on it.
      According to the testimony the CG said they offered to send observers to the ice trials about two weeks before the hearing, but the CG had not heard back.

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